Arbonaut has world leading expertise in developing complete and versatile GIS software solutions covering a number of industries ranging from forestry to education. We have successfully implemented a large variety of GIS solutions mainly based on open source software as well as open standards and, to some extent, on commercial platforms like ESRI ArcGis.

Arbonaut projects are known for effectiveness, agility, high customer value and satisfaction. Combining technical expertise, strong development process and superior project management skills, we provide our customers high quality, easy to use applications characterized by positive end user feedback.

Arbonaut has a solution for customers requiring efficient tools for managing data and developing their business processes. Arbonaut’s professional and technically versatile team, consisting of business analysts, software architects and engineers, analyze the business case and apply their skills accordingly. Arbonaut's software team has a successful track record in finding the most efficient solution to meet individual customer needs. Unnecessary processes, tools, licenses – costs, are avoided.

Arbonaut offers a diverse range of solutions such as mobile solutions and cloud-based services, web or desktop use applications. All our customers’ needs such as managing, collecting, analyzing and sharing data and external flows of information are covered by Arbonaut's solutions. The strength of Arbonaut is the ability to manage complex GIS projects including advanced data editing, production process modeling, data conversion and database management for a large amount of users. Arbonaut's recognized agile software development method has been proven to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering results fast and cost effectively with a full transparency.
Arbonaut is also an active member of open source GIS communities.

Arbonaut's innovations have been successful in helping private and public cus­tomers to collect, refine, integrate and use location-related information in commercial GIS platforms like ESRI ArcGIS. Arbonaut has an extensive experience in ESRI based development both for customer solutions and own in-house production processes.