Inspiring better decisions, better investments, and more relevant conservation policies with high-precision data of your forest value


Biodiversity Mapping


Good stewardship of biodiversity is a key factor in forest management. Next generations will explore the habitats we leave to them. Still, measuring biodiversity is not an easy thing to do. Arbonaut has spent significant effort developing biodiversity indicators that help identify the key locations in biodiversity management. We use connectivity analysis and optimization based on LiDAR data, spectral sensors, and background maps. This way, we find you the solution that balances biodiversity and economically sound management to support your operations.


Forest Carbon Assessment and MRV


Implementing carbon projects or REDD+ initiatives requires reliable information throughout the process. Arbonaut provides technical support to project designers from baseline assessment to annual reports. We measure terrestrial carbon stocks by relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI), remote sensing, and field measurement data. Our carbon stock and change assessment (MRV) methodology follows international best practices and standards. Through carbon offsetting, an industry can go through a smoother transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. Furthermore, certified carbon credits generated by avoided deforestation and forest restoration activities promote achieving global emission removal targets.


Land Use and Land Cover Monitoring


Forestry and ecosystem services offer complementarity to other economic activities and land uses. Forest cover monitoring in near real-time will allow you to design interventions to halt deforestation and forest degradation. Arbonaut conducts land use and cover mapping on various scales by adopting suitable satellite data sources. All the map products go through an accuracy assessment process. We integrate satellite land monitoring systems allowing you to track land use and forest cover changes in the landscape over time.