Our corridor analysis tools have been successfully utilized for tens of thousands of kilometers of powerline vegetation mapping. For securing the uninterrupted supply of electricity, we have developed LiDAR-based remote sensing analyses that can model the powerline infrastructure, identify individual trees that are dangerously close to conductors, and also classify the risk of the entire powerline network. All analyses are conveniently available on the ProMS platform!


Collecting LiDAR data from your powerline allows you to create a precise model of the powerline and its surroundings. 3D modelling allows you to detect and identify individual poles, conductors, and trees close to the powerline. Together with the advanced ProMS analysis tools, it offers the perfect solution for the efficient assessment of the overall status infrastructure, and for preparing for potential safety risks in time. Our advanced vegetation growth modelling ensures that the data is up-to-date, even without any additional LiDAR collection!

If your organization does not yet have up-to-date LiDAR data collected from your power network, please contact our experts – we can help you with the data collection process through our experienced partners.


Our service includes access to the ProMS platform. In addition to visualizing your powerline network, ProMS supports in automatizing many of the network maintenance planning and management processes – helping the organization in its daily work-related activities.

Conveniently view your powerline network infrastructure on the map interface

Divide the powerline corridors, vegetation, and infrastructure into worksites for managing maintenance work

Edit and add the needed information on worksites, to keep crucial information always up-to-date

See advanced vegetation, infrastructure, and other map data of your powerline network

Model vegetation growth for the coming years

Visualize LiDAR point cloud with 3D tools, and take advantage of the cross-sectional view for operational planning

Please contact us for further information on Arbonaut ProMS!

Tuomo Puumalainen

Product Manager

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