Our ProMS customers, regardless of the industry, are all facing similar challenges – managing spatial data and operations efficiently. Optimizing the processes, as well as the use of resources and available geographic information, can be time consuming and difficult. It requires practical and easy-to-use solutions.
Arbonaut ProMS (Project Management System) is a platform that can be used for hosting various kinds of geospatial information and have the information available anywhere you need it. ProMS allows increasing the transparency and workflow of activities taking place in the field. ProMS can be used in web- and mobile interfaces for easy and convenient access to the data. The platform has also further functionalities to manage and report your operations.
Currently ProMS platform is utilized for:


Visualize the analysis of visibility, falling trees and depression of track ballast


Manage vegetation risk and working sites through ProMS platform


Handle pre-harvest planning or forest road optimization


Increase intersection safety by automatic analyses

Storage sites

Locate roadside storage sites or plan transportation of raw material

Sharing spatial data

Access open data of public organizations through ProMS

Monitoring deforestation

Combine remote sensing data analysis and field validation

Manage afforestation and reforestation activities

Plan actions and monitor process to indicate progress

ProMS is a highly adaptable platform that can be tailored to fit the needs of many different industries. Our experts can help in data acquisition or develop the needed analysis, required for optimizing your operational activities and for supporting your decision making. Contact us for more detailed information!