Managing large amounts of visitor data in national parks and recreational areas could be problematic, especially while not having a suitable system to analyse the information. To get the best out of the data, collected with different methods, from different sources and sensors, ASTA — a visitor survey analysis suite — was designed in collaboration with Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland.
ASTA assesses and analyses the visitor experiences from National and Nature Parks efficiently managing large amounts of complex data and study the interaction between the parks and other surrounding services, including investigation of local economic impacts through analysing feedback from stakeholders and enterprises. ASTA collects and reports information and visitor experiences from multiple data sources for the park´s management and ensures transparent decision making.
ASTA Mobile Application enables conducting surveys in digital modern and efficient way via mobile devices. The easy-to-use application, with user-friendly interface, decreases the workload of using traditional paper surveys. The application is designed to be used in offline mode. Surveys answers are saved to the device and when Internet connection is available, answers can be directly uploaded to ASTA database, where they are immediately ready to be analysed and reported through ASTA web platform.

System architecture designed for park´s management

Desktop version and cloud-based service available

Multisource data integration

Efficiency in handling large amount of data

Series of customisable surveys

Comprehensive and automated reports

Visitor´s satisfaction level assessment

Identification of visitor´s profile

Decision support for top-level management

Visibility to local economic impacts

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