Accuracy and cost efficiency of LiDAR has been proven in several conditions: in natural forest and plantations; from boreal taiga to tropical regions. LiDAR is the standard inventory format in Finland, the well-known country for its developed forest sector. Arbonaut is a pioneer in finding out ways to take advantage of the technology.
Arbonaut team of foresters, mathematicians and programmers has developed a unique tool suite —ArboLiDAR— to fulfill own inventory production needs, following state of art processes to provide high quality inventories for diverse private and public customers in Europe, Asia, South and North America and Africa for more than 10 million hectares of inventoried forest.
Lately, ArboLiDAR has been successfully used to calculate inventories based on other data sources such as satellite imagery for carbon inventories, biomass procurement planning or investment pre-feasibility studies.
In addition to ArboLiDAR, the customers benefit from our broad experience in capacity building related to employee training that allows taking advantages from the data and tools usage.
With ArboLiDAR you can:

Calculate features from LiDAR and optical data

based on the latest research

Create automatic segmentation

to delineate stands accurately

Calculate forest inventory

enabling to extract valuable information for operational planning: structure of the forest, density

Produce several GIS products

like Canopy Height Model, a mosaic of Digital Terrain Model etc.

Use specific spacial analysis tools to

fasten processes

Get Arbonaut experienced team support

our experts help you to integrate new inventory method in your processes step by step and provide modeling expertise to get best advantage of your data

Make accuracy assessment

to report on model quality