Master a GIS platform to manage extensive data requires broad knowledge and expertise that are not always present in organisations where processes need to be adapted to limited available tools with insecure data that is most likely not used in the suitable way.
Arbonaut customers have faced the limits of using general tools for spatial analysis and database management, losing time and efficiency. Based on this experience, Arbonaut has developed ArboGIS, a fully tailorable open-source-based GIS platform and a powerful tool to fit in specific organisation’s processes. Derived from the latest open source technology innovations, ArboGIS offers advanced GIS tools for manipulating spatial information. Moreover, the platform can be further enhanced by adding a variety of different proprietary GIS modules on customer demand to address specific GIS data management needs.
ArboGIS has been used as a core for services like forest drainage management in Taaka-GIS for Metsähallitus and as a company main management tools in MörGIS for OTSO Metsäpalvelut.

The tools are following the process: employees do not need to be GIS guru

Desktop, web and/or mobile application available

Secure data management along the whole organization

Advanced geometry editing tools

No license required

Possibility to integrate third-party tools and software

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