Scattered databases, lack of suitable tools, and difficulties to access information are leading to management challenges for forest managers all over the world.
With ArboFIS, easy-to-use web and mobile application, you can create and implement forest management plans, while also keeping your forest resource data updated.
With ArboFIS, the whole process of forest management, from data collection and planning to implementation and monitoring, can be managed easily and efficiently. By centralising data from different sources, it is assured that different users have access to common sources of valid data, allowing optimized collaboration and decision-making. Users can be also given different levels of access and rights to the data stored.
With the help of the mobile application, work on the field can be done easily, by allowing stand and sample plot-level data collection, along with monitoring of the implemented activities. The application includes GPS functionalities for recording stand boundaries, which was designed to be used also in offline mode. After collection, the data is safely synchronized to the central database.
The implementation of sustainable management of forests is improved by using ArboFIS. The reporting tools help you to indicate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 15.2), and other development goals set in international strategies against climate change.
ArboFIS is tailorable to meet the specific needs of different users:

Plan and monitor silvicultural activities

Manage harvesting permits

Generate reports

Keep a record on the various actors

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