Nowadays majority of students have to spend most of their days indoors, sitting either in class or inside during recess time. Lack of activity during school days is causing not only health issues, but also problems with concentration and motivation of students. Meanwhile, taking children to learn outside the classroom has been proven to have positive impact on the ability to learn and pay attention to new information, lasting for several hours after returning to class from outdoors. With right kind of technology, the time spent outdoors is not time spent away from learning.
ArboEdu is an educational platform for supporting outdoor learning in primary-, secondary- and upper-secondary school levels. Developed in close collaboration with Finnish teachers, the solution enables creating meaningful tasks and learning trails in any desired location — let it be the school yard, nearby park or a forest — allowing students to solve them in a stimulating environment.
ArboEdu comprises of the web-application, used for creating the content on the map interface, and the freely downloadable mobile application, needed for navigating on the learning trail outdoors. The platform is suitable to be integrated into teaching any school subject — our customers are the only one to decide the content to create for their students!

Design own content

Create individual tasks or longer learning trails through the web-app

Add extra features

Include pictures, links or voice files on your tasks

Download the free mobile application

Use the ArboEdu mobile app to navigate through the trails outdoors

Monitor students

Utilize the tracking function to make sure students stay in the right area