Among water industry actors, the problems concerning the lack of information sharing from researchers to decision makers and for general public are often pointed out. In many places, there is inadequate monitoring or no monitoring at all in the following areas: data about conditions of water systems and water quality, stormwater flows predictions, flood forecasting or water resources management.
ArboAqua, an easy-to-use web platform, is the answer our customers are looking for. The platform allows to centralise information from different data sources by taking advantage of remote sensing data, i.e. to assess the quality of water bodies and to follow the changes. Integrated modeling tools enable to estimate different scenarios on water quality and to better plan the actions. ArboAqua is tailorable to meet the specific needs of different users.

Storing and analysing environmental data

Monitoring and modeling

Planning, forecasting and evaluating operations and their impacts

Reporting and sharing information easily

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