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Arbonaut is a world leader in developing information gathering and GIS solutions for forest inventory and natural resource management. From satellite data collection to computer data analysis, Arbonaut's technological advancements are employed by some of the world's largest timber owners to cost-effectively optimize and manage their forestry assets.

Arbonaut's technological innovations facilitate the collection, analysis and web-based dissemination of forest information in both natural and plantation forests - be they boreal, temperate or tropical. Modern forest management can combine commercial activities with conservation, carbon capture and eco-tourism. Our seamless web-based and project services support all these activities.

Arbonaut’s advanced ArboLiDAR technology has been continually refined throughout more than a decade of field use by commercial timberland owners and managers. At Arbonaut, technological innovation and a deep commitment to understanding and meeting our clients’ needs are the twin foundations of our success.






 Front page news



Remote sensing can help Nepal earthquake aid to find the people in need

Arbonaut has worked closely in Nepal for years, and hence we are very interested about the crisis situation currently in Nepal. The unfortunate earthquakes, first the big 7.4 Richter quake on 25 April... Read more



Joensuu Science Park's Green growth short film published in YouTube

Tuomo Kauranne was interviewd for TV-series produced by Franck Media Short film now seen in YouTube. Read more...



Science documentary series "Future of Finland" launches in two weeks at MTV3 TV channel - follow and spot Arbonaut!

Arbonaut's president Dr. Tuomo Kauranne discusses about the future of wood, forest and pulp in Franck Media produced science documentary series "Suomen tulevaisuus" (engl. Future of Finland) for MTV 3 TV-channel. Read more...



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