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Forest Inventory

Arbonaut has developed ArboLiDAR tools to effectively employ LiDAR (laser scanning) data in forest inventory. In combination with non-parametric estimation methods, LiDAR, CIR imagery and GPS ground control plots are used in the ArboLiDAR production process. As a final product, we offer our clients accurate forest inventory data that may serve for different purposes, such as harvesting and road and drainage planning. Major savings in operations planning can be attained with high quality inventory data.


Forest Stand Delineation

All kinds of forestry operations need to be tied to a definite geographical unit. Forests need to be delineated in relatively homogenous units of varying size, which are most often called forest stands. Manual stand delineation, typically done on aerial or satellite imagery, is time consuming and subject to bias. Arbonaut has dedicated significant effort to developing a unique approach to automatic stand delineation in cooperation with clients. A composite image of stand-defining layers is produced using LiDAR and color infrared data. We are currently researching for the use of composite green and red LiDAR for the tree species identification. Automatic stand delineation is a fast, effective and objective process.


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